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Pharma Medical

The Pharma Medical Company was established in 2014, with the aim of providing registration services and storage areas to suppliers, importers and manufacturers of medical and cosmetic equipment. For this purpose, we specialized in identifying products and suppliers, thus establishing a large database of manufacturers, suppliers, products, and medical and cosmetic equipment contacts worldwide.


Today, we maintain a network of connections and acquaintances with contacts that enables us to reach any product, manufacturer or supplier of medical or cosmetic equipment within a short and professional period of time. We are familiar with and understand the regulations and have the know-how to prepare the ground for our customers to focus on trade by our defining with and for you appropriate requests from the product manufacturer and supplier. We concentrate and inspect first requests, and then establish the connection between supplier and customer when the parties are already familiar with the transaction and are ready to move forward.

 Moreover, we are experienced in providing registration services in our name on behalf of medical and cosmetic equipment for foreign suppliers, importers and marketers in Israel interested in an Israeli representative who will hold the product registration.


Within the Pharma Medical framework, we hold a business license, a general cosmetics license and are Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2015 certified. The Company's warehouses are adapted to the sensitive needs of medical and cosmetic equipment, including a temperature control system and 24/7 maintenance.


Our activities are transparent, and therefore we invite any interested party to visit whenever it wishes – whether customers, suppliers and the Ministry of Health. We uphold the core values ​​that have accompanied us from the beginning of our journey to the present day - reliability, professionalism and integrity.


The Company's services are performed by a skilled team whose mission is to provide fast and efficient service to all our customers.

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